1) орган, организация
2) главная, основная часть (чего-л.)
3) группа людей
4) тело
5) труп

to be represented on a body — быть представленным в каком-л. органе

to ease smb out of a body — выводить кого-л. из состава какого-л. органа

to identify a body — опознавать труп

- advisory body
- appropriate body
- arbitral body
- autonomous body
- auxiliary body
- body of an instrument
- body of electors
- body of evidence
- body of laws
- body of power
- body of rules
- body of state authority
- central state bodies
- competent bodies
- consultative body
- control body
- deliberative body
- diplomatic body
- economic body
- elected party body
- executive body
- financial body
- financially independent bodies
- governing body
- Governing Body
- government-funded body
- he is expected to be eased out of both bodies in due course
- impartial body
- intergovernmental body
- international body
- judicial body
- law-enforcement body
- law-making body
- leading body
- legislative body
- local body
- main body
- mutilated body
- national standards bodies
- negotiating body
- neutral body
- new-look body
- new-style body
- other body
- parliamentary body
- party body
- pay review body
- peace-keeping body
- planning body
- policy-making body
- policy-setting body
- public body
- representative body
- republican bodies
- scientific-economic body
- specialized body
- standing body
- statutory body
- sterile body
- student body
- subordinate body
- subsidiary body
- subversive body
- superior body
- supreme body of state power
- watchdog body

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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